Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Needed Improvements

Here is how my MT experience went with Gruul … he was the windshield I was the bug. So in this post I think I’ll try to compare myself with the guilds other main tanks and see what I need to improve on besides my gear(I am the least geared of the warriors in this example and I would guess equally geared with Honors). I’ll be using screen shots from various Gruul attempts to see if I can come up with anything for me to fix, but as most of you know, we won’t find anything against my skill because I am perfect and my epeen is huge and masculine.
(Also the WWS provided here are the attempts I saw where the tank was MT and their longest lived)
Here is the screen shot of my MT experience and how I held up against Gruul. On an overall average Gruul hit me for 3550, that’s actually not too bad considering I have at the least 16.5k health in a 25 man raid. I cannot really compare this stat with the other warriors because the longer the fight goes the harder Gruul starts hitting as he “grows” during the fight. I did not live long enough to go through that many growths so even though I took the least average damage it unfortunately doesn’t count toward some leet tanking ability only I possess, it’s just because I missed a heal and got my sack stomped on ending the fight early. Maybe to give an idea I can show it this way though.
I was hit for an average of 3550 living through 75 attacks made by Gruul.
Honorshammer was hit for an average of 3864 living through 105 attacks made by Gruul.
Brindle was hit for an average of 4096 living through 159 attacks made by Gruul.
Lanorah was hit for an average of 4179 living through 233 attacks made by Gruul.

Gruul got off 3 crushing blows, which was 4% of his hits against me. If we took away those 3 crushing blows Gruul was hitting me for an average of 3362. Looking at the other warriors they were hit for 2% and 3% crushing hits, so I am highest at 4%. I have over 500 defense so there are only two explanations, I didn’t spam shield block as much as the other guys, or the crushing blows came at unlucky times when shield block was on its cool down. Since its only a difference of 1% I’m going to assume that it was an unlucky hit but I’m also going to keep it in the back of my mind to be more mindful of shield block. Even though I do honestly spam the crap out of shield block, it’s my best friend. It is entirely possible i was just unlucky with the crushes as shield wall is only good for 4 hits every 8 seconds(if im understanding it correclty). Now if I really wanted to lower my crushing blows id switch to a paladin. Honors only took 1 crushing hit, but paladins have better a better crush avoidance spell than shield block which is holy shield because it works more often(8 hits every 10 seconds). What sucks about holy shield is that it only mitigates 35% where shield block does 75%.

Next we’ll look at Gruul, out of 75 swings at me from Gruul, He missed 36 (missed 48% of his swings). When I first looked at this I thought that was pretty good, but again comparing to the other warriors it’s not so great. He missed Brindle an amazing 57.2% of his attacks, Gruul missed 91 attacks out of 159! Lanorah also is right up there with 54.9%,Gruul missed 128 attacks out of 233. These guys were missed more than hit! What is to be taken into consideration with this is that both of these tanks are avoidance tanks. Meaning they Gem their gear for parry and dodge, whereas I have been going for mostly stamina. At the moment I can’t decide which is the better route to go yet, Stamina or avoidance, from looking at these numbers I think an avoidance tank is pretty damn convincing. Honors pointed me at a good article found here, it makes the argument that stamina is better than avoidance. Honors is going the health route and in a 25 man raid runs at around 17.5k health, but he also gets hit a lot more than the avoidance tanks, Gruul missed him only 40% of the time,but because he has more hit points he gives the healers more breathing room and less surprises. Still looking at Brindle and Lanorah’s numbers it’s hard to decide. Here is Honors explanation for the difference between an avoidance tank vs. effective health tank (that’s a stamina tank) which I found to be a good explanation. Avoidance tries to make the worst case scenario less probable, effective health tries to make the worst case scenario survivable.

Here is where you can really tell the difference between my dodge and parry verse the other tanks.
Brindle parried 16% of the time and dodged 18%. 11.6% damage mitigated overall (awesome)
Lanorah parried 12% and dodged 21%(impressive) of the time. 7.3% damage mitigated overall
Honors parried 15% of the time and dodged 15% of the time. 5.8% damage mitigated overall
I on the other hand parried 12% of the time and only dodged 14% of the time. 5.6% damage mitigated overall(I do not know how much these numbers are affected by how short my fight was, if they are affected at all).
With these stats though it is a blatant smack in the face I need to use my dodge trinkets more (this still won’t put me up with Lanorah and Brindle because remember they are avoidance tanks but it should help alot). I think I should work them into maybe two separate macro’s so I don’t forget. Maybe use 1 trinket with shield block and one with devastate which would use them every time their cool down is up. Leaving me with shield wall and last stand as my life savers. Right now I have been saving them incase my life gets low.I rely on 2 trinkets, last stand , and shield wall to make me “invincible” until I get a few heals, but i think this is hurting me more than helping me.

I guess after writing up this blog I need to decide if I should gem for avoidance or stay with max stamina. Right now an avoidance tank seems like it’s an amazing thing, but if you look at some of the farther progressing guilds most of them are gemmed for stamina. What I get to walk away from with this is that I need to use my trinkets more and possibly be more mindful of my shield block. What these reports cannot show is how much having max stamina helps the healers and my gear compared to their better gear. If it could I think I might have held up a little better to the other tanks. Over-all i do not think i would be stable MT on gruul, but i feel like im getting damn close. *see the other tanks stats below*
Lanorah vs Gruul (This one gruul actually died)

Brindle vs Gruul

Honors vs Gruul

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