Wednesday, October 10, 2007

FU$&ING A , Good Arena Night!

After relaying some advice to Dirty(resto specc’d druid) which I had received from Baconstrip about what it takes to have a good arena team we tried out this new strategy in some 2v2 arena’s. Let me tell you last night’s 2v2 arena’s compared to last weeks felt like night and day. I myself didn’t do anything differently except try to keep my hamstring on both guys as much as possible so dirty could kite them easier. The real difference came from Dirty’s stealth,kite,and heal strategy. I basically got a free card to bash faces without fear of dying, it was great! Now I realize our rating is still below 1500 so in the grand scheme of things it’s nothing great to be proud of, but after a few ruff weeks of arena’s winning was a nice change of pace. We ended the night with a record of 9-2, I think throughout the week were going to keep trying to raise the rating even though we have our 10 games in. Wish us luck! =)

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