Thursday, October 4, 2007

I want his loin cloth to wear in RL

Last night was a nice bump in the right direction for Mal Katai. We were able to get back into Gruul’s Layer and kill High King Mulgar. I think we had at least 10 people in the raid which had never been before so we did wipe twice, but managed to down him the 3’d time with only one death. I took the heat for the first wipe because I didn’t get my taunt off on Olm quick enough and he ended up fearing the MT. I should have brought up the fact that someone else had pulled agro on Olm and moved his ass to the opposite side of the cavern from where he should have been but our GM seemed like she was in kind of a foul mood so I chose not to argue. Getting called out on vent for something that’s not your fault does suck balls though.

I think I had the most fun of the night though on our second wipe. We were at one point where our MT died so I picked up the high king, and tanked him for a long ass time. We just didn’t have the dps left alive to kill him. If it ever came down to it I think I have acceptable gear to tank the high king and feel comfortable with it. Granted I had some leet healers left alive to keep me up, but the damage he was hitting me with wasn’t anything crazy or unmanageable. He drops two shoulder tokens and one random item. Which you can look at here . We ended up having Pauldrons of the Fallen Defender, Pauldrons of the Fallen Hero, and Hammer of the Naaru drop. I didn’t win the roll for my shoulders, instead those went to Snowson a druid. I just now realized he’s also the guy who beat me on my Tier 4 gloves! The list of people I have to kill soon is getting longer and longer. *EDIT 10/08/07 - It was pointed out to me that i had previously added snowson to my list of people to kill, so my list is still the same size*

Were planning on going in for a Gruul attempt tonight which I really hope it happens, I’v never done this boss fight and I love to experience new content.

Repair Bill: 6g

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