Thursday, October 11, 2007

Im a bad tank o_O

Last night was somewhat of an off night for me. I was doing a few quests in Netherstorm for some quick cash when a guildie asked me to tank arc for him so he could get his key frag for Kara. I said sure but warned them that I’m not prot (arms atm for some arenas) so if they have massive amounts of dps going then threat might be an issue. Turns out most of the guys going didn’t have that great of gear so threat was never an issue, except the time I was trying to hold my baby and tank at the same time while Kim made her a bottle. At that point the healer died and I felt bad so I gave him 2.5g to cover that repair. Speaking of that healer, he informed me I’m a bad tank in party chat. You know that first hallway at the beginning? I was tanking one of those large elite squid monsters, and two of the non-elite’s that come with him. To make my job easier I had asked the dps to just kill off the non-elites really fast, but either no one was paying attention or they just didn’t care. Dps was all over the place and I was taunting/sundering my balls off to keep agro, and I’m not prot so that made it all the more difficult. What I really wasn’t concerned about was those little maggot things that spawn. Seriously though they are 67 or 68 non-elites big deal if one or two is hitting you, even if you have one on you and your life gets low…maybe try healing yourself? As you can guess he died and started crying about it and how I’m a horrible tank. I wanted to point out that A – DPS was everywhere so it was all I could do to keep the elite and other non-elites on me and B – Sorry I assumed he was a good enough player to handle a level 68 non-elite. I wanted to type all this out but I just left it at a “You’re an idiot”. Maybe I should have tried to grab everything but if I had lost agro on the bigger things how would he have healed through that if he couldn’t heal through the maggots. That kind of left the rest of the run with a little tension, but I wanted to make sure my guildie got keyed. Long story short we finished the run, guildie got his key frag, and I later tracked down the priest in RL and made love to his mom. I guess I have to ask myself was I expecting too much of a Pug, have I become a lazy tank since I mostly only run with guildies, or did he just suck?

After the arc run a lower level guildie wanted help with the ring of blood quests so a bunch of us gathered up to do them. We show up and there is like 10 horde there doing their quests so instead of starting a huge war we dismount and help them out. It worked out well because they stuck around and returned the favor. I kept itching for something to happen since I was specced for arena’s and can pop recklessness out in the “wow world”. For a second I did think Sh*$ was about to go down because the horde tank started attacking me, but I realized he had targeted me accidently because he was trying to “tank” me (sunder, sunder, taunt) instead of the ring of blood monster. After the guildie got his quests all down I went for a quick flight down to Halaa and was able to join in on a raid, pop recklessness, and get about 15 tokens. Which was a nice way to cap off the night.

I think tonight there might be a Kara run going down I can squeeze into , if not ill probably try to raise my 2v2 arena rating up.
repair bill: 7g


Ironshield said...

You get +75 points for making him cry, +200 points for nailing his mom. How did you handle Kim's aggro? *grin*

Raydz said...

@ Ironshield
I couldnt, and then ended up with the highest repair bill ever. =P

Honors Code said...

I expecting too much of a Pug - Likely

Have I become a lazy tank since I mostly only run with guildies - No

did he just suck - My money's on this one.

Try having an experience like that when your rage bar turns blue. The priest makes some snide comment about Paladin tanks, even though he doesn't know the first thing about tank mechanics, and I could probably out heal him as Prot spec.

Next he'll make a post on the WoW forums about how there are a shortage of tanks on AoS.

Krawl said...

i'm pretty sure you suck man! jk! I hate being a part of pugs. All it takes is one noob to magnify your mistakes and everyone elses into something it's not. And if they are the one that screws up it is still your fault. Pugs are good for interesting memories though!