Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Iv got Crabs o_O

Well I logged on to late last night to get into a Kara group so I went with Raydz and did a few quests to help cover next week’s respec costs. After that I crawled into bed and made a horrible discovery. I have crabs, huge inflamed crabs, and I bet I caught them from Krawl. Which now means Bacon and Oaken you guys need to probably call your doctors for some type of cream or gel.

In all seriousness this post is just to congratulate myself/hunter on reaching level 60! =). My hunter ‘s (Bouncie with her loyal pet Melons) main role will be to funnel cash to fund Raydz for respec bills and eventually an epic mount. I have a level 70 horde hunter and he is a money making machine, so I’m looking forward to the rain of gold once Bouncie is 70. That’s about it for this post since I don’t have much else to say other than I did do a few more battle grounds before I put Raydz back to prot (we are supposed to do Gruul’s tonight). I got a nice execute off a 1 handed weapon which I’m pretty happy with. If anything exciting happens in Gruul’s ill write about that tomorrow.

Raydz Questing Repair bill: 4g

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