Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Maiden Love

*Edit - I just went back and re-read what i wrote and realized i rambled alot. Im to tired to fix it though, hopefully it makes sense.*
Last night I got home, played with my kid for a little while till she fell asleep, and then watched one of the worst movie ever created. I wanted to rent transformers but it was all checked out so looked at the new releases and picked up Bug. I thought I had remembered seeing the previews of this as some type of bug swarm attacking people horror movie, so I rented it (I’m one of those guys who watches the SCI-FI channel movies even though 90% of them suck and I had thought “bug” was right up that alley). Instead it was about crazy people who scratch holes in their skin, have sex, and then die…that’s about it. It was extremely painful to sit through, seriously it was that bad. That’s 102 minutes of my life and 1 dollar rental fee I pissed away. I should have just taped the money to my sack and lit it on fire,it would have given me the same experience AND saved myself some time.

After giving my dogs a new dvd chew toy I logged onto wow. I wasn’t looking to really do anything last night except maybe grind a few primals and then go to bed. Sunday and Monday were both late wow nights for me and at some point I need to grab a good nights sleep. When I logged on the guild had downed High King Mulgar and was working on Gruul(Grats on your Tier 4 honors, not sure who else got loot but grats to you guys as well). They didn’t down Gruul but they had again came close(10% I think). After their Gruul run some of the group decided to run Kara, and I took the invite against the seductive callings of my warm bed. It was already late so we decided to do Moroes, Maiden, Opera then call it a night. This put us in a nice place to finish up the rest of the bosses on Friday night. I made a promise to maiden id give her some sweet lovin if she gave up her tanking gloves. Besides being a tank im a gigalo on the side incase you didnt know. Did you seriously think it was luck that got me loots every week? Since she is 25 foot tall I’m guessing that it’s gonna be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway, but a promise is a promise.
I’m thinking about adding the threat enchant to the gloves, but it’s kind of expensive so I can’t decide if I should just hold off for my tier 4 gloves. I might buy it just because im really interested in seeing how well the enchant works, 2% added threat every hit could make a huge difference. *I took the picture before i added the gems, but i did socket it before going to bed*

Tonight after giving Maiden the best 3 minutes of her life I will maybe do some arena’s, or possibly run a nice easy dungeon for some rep, or just go to bed and get a good night of sleep.

Repair Bill: No clue i was to tired to repair and just logged. I only died 1x though.

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