Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend = Ouch

Man I had a ruff WoW weekend. If any of the new people stopping by this blog happen to be a young 20’ish hot chick, preferably rich, please find it in your heart to get in contact with me, I need a shoulder to cry on.

Dim painfullweekend as integer
Painfullweekend = 0

Friday night group 1 ran Kara, and I didn’t get any plate drops (painfullweekend = painfullweekend + 2). Exactly I thought wtf also. We cleared up through curator and not a single piece of plate. Now because of this I’m a sad loot whore, and who’s to blame? I’m leaning more to the side that this is blizzards fault and not Honorshammers, even though it’s a close race for who gets the blame for this travesty. Seriously honor’s has some of the worst luck when it comes to loot. I may have to start treating him like he has some disease so he doesn’t infect my loot mojo, but I don’t think that has happened yet so the fault falls squarely on blizzards shoulders. Since it’s still early this morning I haven’t called blizzards customer support yet but I’m going to call and file a complaint, I always have good luck in Kara what the hell did they do to change things! Well no actually never mind, as I’m typing this I did just realize I got the crossbow off the first boss (painfullweekend = painfullweekend - 1). I took it for the stats when I DPS(no one else wanted it so don’t freak out hunters My New Xbow ), so I guess I’ll try to recall that harsh email I sent to the better business Bureau about how stingy blizzard is.

Oh, this was ALMOST cool. I finally got to do the big bad wolf opera event. This was seriously my first time even though I have ran Kara so much that I have been exalted in that rep forever. Here’s how it played out. I’m standing there looking at the npc who starts the opera event thinking “Man were going really slow tonight, I wish someone would start it”. That’s when I start hearing people on vent saying it’s the BBW event and how easy it is. I was really curious how they knew what we were going to get before starting the event so I go to ask, turns out my wow had frozen and they had started the event not knowing I was locked up. I have enclosed a picture of my first exciting BBW fight and what it looks like……….from the other side of a locked door(painfullweekend = painfullweekend + 2).

While in Kara we attempted Nightbane, usually he goes down without a hitch but we wiped four or five times on him and decided to move onto Curator. I know one time for sure it was my fault we wiped, so to any guildies reading this who was in Kara I apologize for that. Nightbane goes through cycles where I tank him on the ground, then he flies up into the air and rains skeletons down onto the group. Between the phases I have to grab him when he lands and get him into proper position. Well for some reason I kept missing him and he would kill a raid member before I could get aggro back. When I say “miss” I mean “you swing at Nightbane and miss” not “you’re in the wrong spot jackass, Nightbane is killing the party”. Maybe I need to work on my hit rating, although it has never been a problem before, It could have just been a really unlucky set of events for me. Nightbane didn’t go down Friday night and we havn’t made it back in there so I’m hoping we can go kill him and clear the rest of Kara tonight. I also included this picture where it looks like he is snuffing me out like someone putting out there cigarette, which is how it felt (painfullweekend = painfullweekend + 2).

On the pvp front my arena team mates were never on at the same time so that was kind of a bummer. I formed up a 2v2 team with Tatersniffer (pve specced mage), who was then played by his wife. We were just in it to get some points, not expecting to do well since she has never pvp’d with his mage and the spec is all wrong for it. I’m glad we didn’t expect to win because it was a beat down, we went 1-9 for the night (painfullweekend = painfullweekend + 2). I did however pick up my arena shoulders this weekend which makes me feel a little bit better (painfullweekend = painfullweekend - 1).

That’s a painfull weekend rating of 6! Any lesser man would have killed himself, good thing im a trooper.
Weekend repair bill: 18g

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