Friday, October 19, 2007

Scary Night (Halloween boss and My repair bill)

Last night the plan was to go into Kara knock down Shade, Chess, Prince and then maybe Illhoof. We weren’t clicking that great and wiped a few times on Shade. I was a total douche on one attempt. I ran out of the arcane blast just fine, was standing against the wall, then hit my intercept macro thinking the arcane blast had gone off. Well it hadn’t so I charged back in and promptly died, laying on the ground like a schmuck that whole attempt. I caught shit for that all night. *Sarcasm* I never knew we had so many comedians in the guild, everyone was just so hilarious. After Shade died we cleared smoothly through chess and got to Prince. That’s when the repair bill skyrocketed. It just seems like no matter what we did or tried the infernals wouldn’t cooperate. Our dps also seemed to be lacking even when the infernals left us alone for short periods of time. Prince's health just wasn’t dropping down fast enough. *Edit - I had the line "Prince just wasn’t going down fast enough" but was informed that sounded very gay* It didn’t help that it was either me trying to dps(as a prot warrior) when Honor’s was tanking, or Honor’s(prot pally) was dps/healing when I was tanking. On the flip side of that though, on every prince fight I have been on the rest of the group pulled the weight for that guy so he had the chance at loot just like everyone else and it really was never a problem before. I’m going to attribute the wipes to everyone being so tired since we got such a late start and the horrible infernal luck. We’ll go in and get him tonight and hopefully down Nightbane and Illhoof as well.

After the Kara raid was called it was around 1:30 am – 2:00 am server time and I knew I should go to bed but I wanted to see that new Halloween boss. He is a new 5 man boss found in SM who drops random epics. The drops really are not that great(besides the warrior dps helm which is pretty nice) but the boss is extremely easy , and can be summoned by each person 1x a day (there were 5 people in my party so we summoned him 5 times). I picked up a dps ring which is just “alright”, the plate helm also dropped but I passed on it for Devona (another warrior in the group). I’d like to have the helm since I’m still using a crappy blue one for arena’s and could use the added dps until I get my Merc Gladiator helm. I’ll go back and kill him another 5 times today and tomorrow, I’m sure on one of those kills I’ll get the helm. That helm btw has a sweet graphic on it. I also won the epic riding broom and the epic flying broom, I didn’t use them though so I have no screen shots for those. Explanations for the boss fight can be found on several other blogs/sites so I’m not going to go into it. Needless to say, it’s a simple encounter and should be done just for the fun of it if not the random epics. Also there was rampant arguing on our general chat about the new loot and if it dissapears or not. Some were saying his loot will only last 14 days, others said the brooms only last 14 days but the loot remains, and then others said nothign dissapears. I don’t know whats up with the loot but I’ll try to look into it later and edit an answer into this post. I’ll also try to look into the brooms saying “One time use” apparently this isn’t true and you can use them multiple times. Some screen shots are included below. I’m sorry if the blog is a little dry today, I crawled my ass into bed around 3am and had to wake up for work around 6am.
*Edit added - From my post the previous day: I added the +2% threat to my gloves and found it to be worth it, incase anyone was wondering*
Repair Bill: 37g =/

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