Thursday, October 4, 2007

HKM has moobs (man boobs)

Real quick I wanted to add this about High King Mulgar. I have seen him a few times but as I was looking at the graphic of him I posted on this blog (, I realized that I’m kind of disappointed in the appearance for this boss. He is pretty out of shape to be the “biggest and most fierce of all ogres” and could use a little bit more armor in my opinion....or a bra.

Having said that I’m no genius with 3’d modeling and realize how much work it takes to make a model of this detail, so I’m not knocking the actual work they did on it, just the art they decided to go with. It’s kind of like how I feel about the “Maiden” in Kara, her graphic is very plain and boring. Why toss a 25 foot tall woman into the mix anyways? Maybe I have missed the lore about her somewhere but she just seems out of place and odd.

If I was the person in charge for creating the HKM model what would I have based it off of? Why Ogre from the “Nerds” movies of course.

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