Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Grats to Mal katai

Gruul down, holy Sh*t grats to Mal Katai! I didn’t get to be there for the kill so that blows , but I am genuinely happy they killed him. I logged on to late to get an invite, I would of liked another shot at tanking him again. They had a warrior MT and Honors was OT, I watched the video, you guys both did an awesome job. I guess in regards to my previous post about trying things different I don’t think I was wrong for trying to push a new strategy, but maybe I was because what we were trying before obviously worked. Both strats work, but who knows if the other way could have been easier or if everyone just had to take their licks to learn the encounter. Who knows, but now that he’s dead who cares, grats to the guild on the kill!

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