Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Moobs again?

I just thought this was a little humorous so I’m adding a quick little post before going home. Today I had 2 more people directed to my blog from google. Their searches were “how to fix manboobs” and “moobs or boobs”. I am sorry to those of you who are coming to this blog looking for Manboob help and not finding any. The best advice I can give you is to eat less, get off the computer and run your ass off. Just by mentioning moobs or manboobs again on this blog I bet I get another few hits again tomorrow. It’s very possible I’ll do away with all this wow talk and become the leading authority for moobs on the web.

*light blub over head*
This thought just occured to me as i was wrapping up this post. Maybe i can help the wow community by possibly getting world of warcraft exposed to people who generally woudlnt play and sparking thier interest. If I drop a few keywords here in this post, maybe google will pick up on them and direct the people searching for these items to my blog and hopefully my posts have done the smallest bit of good to intrigue them. What kind of new people would we want to attract to wow? I dont have a specific type of person in mind but as an expieriment lets pick out a few random words and see if anything happens.
2 keywords im just gonna randomly think of: G-string and Pasties

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