Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ISP crapped on my Gruul attempt

Last night was the guilds attempt at Gruul. It was new, it was exciting, it was challenging, it was our guild working together to learn a new fight, and…… it was all done without me. Yesterday on my way home from work it started to rain, which is bad news for me and raiding. I wish someone would invent an internet connection that was not affected by rain. Wait what’s that you say? Your internet doesn’t crash when it drizzles? You can normally play just fine no matter what the weather? Ohhhh that’s right, for some reason I have the worst connection on the planet and just about everything affects it. I fully believe my connection is going to degrade to the point where I’ll be posting on my guilds forums “Sorry guys I can’t make the raid today, the suns too bright so my internet will not work” or maybe “Hey guys good luck tonight, I won’t be on because school buses are yellow and you know how much that affects my internet”.

On days that my internet is knocked out I can switch to a dial up connection at a screaming 26.4k connection. For those of you who don’t know what a dial up connection even is, I hate you. Mine will not even let me connect at 56k. Surprisingly I can play wow with a connection like this, my latency runs about 700 or 800 if I’m not in a town or in a raid. I did try to make the raid with this connection but there was no way, once I was around the raid members my latency shot up to about 7000 and to try to stay in the raid I would have just been a hindrance. The guild didnt down Gruul but i believe they got him down to 38% which is awesome for a first attempt. You should be able to read about it later on Honor's Blog or Raistilan's Blog

While the guild was off attempting Gruul a few of my 3v3 team logged on and we attempted a few new strategies, which ended up getting us a 4-12 record for the night. The dial up connection can handle arena’s so that wasn’t a problem, we just weren’t meshing well. We were going to keep practicing but the wait timer jumped up to 5 minutes so we decided we have had enough abuse for the night.

I believe that Gruul’s Layer is reset now so the guild is going back in there again tonight, I really hope that when I get home its clear skies.

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Oakensledge said...

Ah my brother-in-connection-issues, I feel your pain. Dial up dost sucketh the big one.