Monday, October 15, 2007

Trash Talk

So I find it happens all the time that when competing in arena’s I’m either the one getting cussed at or the one getting made fun of, depending on if we win or lose (If the opposite team is of the same faction of course). Yesterday take for example, doing some 3v3, we lose to a team and before the game ends several of them yell “Raydz Sucks , Raydz Sucks!”. Why is it I gotta be the one being picked on, don’t they know that behind all this plate is the tender heart of a child? Why not yell out “Dirty Sucks”? How do they know that they didn’t permanently damage my psyche forever causing me to become some type of hermit afraid to leave my home because of low self esteem?

Even though that is the complete opposite of what happened, in fact I was a little sleepy at the start of that arena game but that just flat out pissed me off and as luck would have it we played that same team three more times in a row. I can honestly say I play much better when I’m angry. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t angry like punching holes in my walls, but yes I was a perturbed. Perturbed enough that every time we got the last standing member down to low health I called off dps and I would run over and T-bag his friend’s dead bodies and yell out anything I could think of to piss them off. I really wish I had some screen shots, I forgot though because I was trying to type as much as I could. Chat looked something like this though
Me - “Wow that first game must have been a fluke”
Him – “F&$K you “
Me-“Seriously you should uninstall wow forever or perhaps go kill yourself, try a chemical fire.”
Him-“F&$K you F^G, you suck”
*i wish i was better at trash talking*

This went on each of the 3 games we stomped them. I do have to say that adding a little bit of Smack and gloating at the end of a battle brings a lot of fun and emotion to the game. It would be cool if at the end of an arena blizzard turned off all faction restrictions and gave both teams 15 seconds to scream at each other before being kicked out of the game. I apparently need to make some macro’s or something because it seems like everyone else spams all this trash talk on me but I never have enough time to type something witty or cleaver back.

--Macro 1 --
/cast Execute
/whisper %target You and your team mates can lick my chode. <--- I realize this isn’t witty or cleaver i just wanted to put an example up.

I would like to point out that my team has never started the smack talk and if it’s the same faction team I try to end it with a “Good Game Guys” or a /salute even if we lose. Anyways this whole post was created because I’m curious how common trash talking in arena’s is, is this possibly the most enjoyment people get from an arena battle? *Poll on the top left side of page*

*stand over enemy body*
/emote lays his b**ls on your chin

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