Friday, October 26, 2007

Kara Cooler

Grrrr Blizzard has slipped a “Cooler” into my Kara group. What is a cooler you ask? “In gambling lore, a cooler is someone whose luck is so bad that they can pass it off to others: a mere touch will turn a winner into a loser.” They even made a movie about it. The idea is that you’re sitting at a black jack table on fire, just winning and winning. The casino will send someone to play next to you as a “cooler” therefore turning your luck around so you lose all your winnings. I believe that blizzard put a cooler into my Kara group because I was on fire with loots. For weeks in a row purples rained down upon me and I was basking in epic glory, if I needed something it dropped. Last night we killed curator and I would like to get my tier 4 gloves and also the leggings, neither dropped. Now I have to ask you Honorshammer, how much did blizzard pay you to switch guilds you bastard!? *I’m not being serious I was just thinking last night about how Honor’s has horrible luck with loots and I don’t want to be drug down with him! =P *

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