Monday, October 22, 2007

I kinda like Smelly Hookers

What the hell happened to my good luck! Horseman dead 18 times this weekend, DPS plate helm dropped 0 times. WTF is that!? I’m going to take one of these 700 magical brooms I’v gotten off him and shove it right up his @ss! The horseman event is quickly losing its “Fun” Factor, even though the pvp outside is remaining a lot of fun. You know a zone is going to be fun when the ground is littered with skeletons.

On the arena home front it wasn’t exactly a stellar weekend but also it wasn’t horrible. First off my 3v3 didn’t do too bad. It was Dirty (resto druid), Padamay (boomkin), Honorshammer (prot pally), and Me(arms warrior). We went 8-6 for the week, raising our 3v3 a little bit. I would really like to see this get back above 1500. Also I would specifically like to point out that Padamay’s pvp skills seemed to have doubled over the last week. She was totally on her cyclone and root game which helped us with several victories (we went 4-1 with her). Me and dirty attempted some 2v2 but the queue time was around 6 minutes and we kept playing the same team who we went 2-2 with, so we decided to maybe try them Monday night or just skip them entirely this week. What I am happiest about is the “Smelly Hookers” 5v5 team, being a brand new team I think we did really well with a 7-8 record. It would have been nice to not have dipped below 1500, but were sitting at 1491 so it can hopefully be raised next week. The team consisted of Dirty (resto druid), Honorshammer (prot pally), Palad (ret pally), Luminati (Holy Priest), Slymongoose (BM Hunter), and Myself (Arms Warrior). The 2 paladins traded spots so everyone could get their points. Our team is a “tri-healer arena team” (Google that if your curious about it) what that means is were running 2.5 healers and the plan is to outlast the other team. From everything I have read this team structure really clicked with me especially since so many pvp players are stacking resilience. I was turned onto this spec by Baconstrip (pvp resto druid monster), and have liked everything I have read about it. Of course winning the battle and reading about it are 2 very separate things, but I think the Smelly Hookers could be onto something here and I’m already looking forward to next weekend. It seemed like our biggest problem is that they could mow our priest down before we could kill their healer, so we’ll have to figure out a way to prolong Lumi’s life. Ideally we would like for them to see Honor’s healing gear and focus fire on him first, since he is prot spec and probably the hardest of us to kill. I also need a lot of work on my pvp warrior skills still and I think my spec needs to be tweeked more, so once I get that down I think my contributions to the team will start showing themselves more. Anyways good job last night smelly hookers and I can’t wait till next week!

Repair Bill for weekend:16g --> grinded alot of primals


Honors Code said...

What's that mod that shows your point gain in the last screenshot (the light blue numbers)?

Raydz said...

i would also recommend Arena Live Frames.
Both found on curse gaming