Thursday, October 25, 2007

Raiding Limbo

Last night I started out the night with a Steam Vaults run, I have been sitting at honored with 500 rep to go to revered for months now. Steam Vaults went smoothly and now I’m revered, which is good because I think my plan is to start stock piling badges over the next few weeks. I used to not really care about badges because for a long while my guild was on a strong Kara streak and had regular attempts at Gruul, so I figured I would get the nicer gear before I would earn the badges anyways and for Kara and Gruul my gear is acceptable. At the moment though our guild feels like it has hit this weird phase that I can’t really describe except by saying mass recruiting but for no purpose. On our website it says recruitment is closed but almost every day people of all classes will post an application and get into the guild or get invited without even posting an app, for instance in the case of my class we have at least 7 active warriors right now and just invited another into the guild a few days ago.
This was posted in our guild forums the other day (many more have entered the guild btw since this post)
18 Hunters
16 Druids
13 Warriors
13 Paladins
11 Mages
10 Priests
10 Rogues
10 Warlocks
1 Shaman
What the hell are we going to do with 13(14 now) warriors? I’m sure now you are thinking the only reason I care about more warriors in the guild is because I don’t want to have to share all the loot.
To that I would be honest and say that’s about 40% true, if every warrior took turns rotating through Kara or Gruul’s how long would it take for everyone to really get geared up. We also don’t have a DKP system so the possibility of one of our older established tanks losing his tier 4 shoulders or pants to a brand new guy is a very frustrating possibility. I’d have to shoot myself if I was a hunter in the guild. The other 60% of why this bothers me is by flooding the guild with lots of new people you are diluting your core group and slowing the possibilities for progression, taking longer on runs because the boss fights will have to be explained every time, and allowing for a lot more wipes due to new people learning the encounter. Now if there was a problem with attendance keeping us from going to raids I would be all for going out and recruiting new people, how else would we get to see 25 man content? I’d like to point out that I have talked with many of the new people in the guild and so far everyone seems really nice I’m just confused as to what were gonna do with all these people? It hasn’t been attendance keeping us from raiding, it seems like we normally had 30+ 70’s on, so what the hell is going on? I have no idea, I don’t know if it’s that the people who normally arrange the raids are burnt out with their mains, are tired of wiping on Gruul, or if behind the scenes they are asking people to go to Gruul’s but no one wants to? It also doesn’t even deal solely with the 25 man content, it also applies to Kara. My original group I used to run with stopping going for a few weeks, then started again but only went like one night a week and didn’t really go past curator. I have started running with group 2 and I enjoy raiding with those guys but they are a late night crowd and I don’t know if I can keep staying up that late. This is why I think I’m going to put some effort to mass badge collecting, which I admit I should have been doing all along anyways but got a little lazy. I really like the people in my guild and enjoy how we all rip on each other (which I’v been taking the brunt of the jokes from everyone lately, I get so sick of people lashing out at me because I’m so sexy.) and have a lot of laughs together, and that’s the only reason I have stayed. Pre-BC when I was more “hard core” for raiding I probably would have bailed a while ago since it feels like we have “lost our way” when it comes to raiding. I know a lot of people are angry because the guild totally skipped its last scheduled Gruul attempt. If we end up skipping again on Friday (Our next scheduled attempt) I would guess that we’ll lose some people over it. Now, with my luck Gruul will be all set up and ready to roll and my internet will make me look like a tool, in which case someone working at my ISP is going to walk out to their car and find I have smeared dog crap all over their door handles. As I re-read this post I guess it was maybe half a rant and half confusion because a lot of us in the guild don’t know what’s going on. What’s up with recruiting people when we have the #’s to raid already? What’s up with not raiding on scheduled days? What’s up with this weird burning sensation I have when I pee?

Also last night in Kara some of us were discussing what the symbol on my shield means. Today at work I have spent a lot of time researching ancient languages and hieroglyphics and found the answer. It means Fu*# you.


Honors Code said...

I agree with alot of what you are saying. We seem to have lost our focus. If we can't handle wiping in Gruul's, how are we going to handle wiping in SSC?

BTW, here are the latests numbers:

20 Hunters (up 2)
16 Druids (unchanged)
15 Paladins (up 2)
14 Warriors (up 1)
12 Mages (up 1)
12 Priests (up 2)
10 Warlocks (unchanged)
10 Rogues (unchanged)
2 Shaman (up 1)

Farmer Rob said...

Raist here...
The mass influx this week are friends of guildies..they have been (as far as i know) been told no raiding for you untill THEY get better gear..we added a husband and wife..they have 7 70's between them..all green/blue gear
We only have 5 active raiding hunters, 3 active mages and most of the warriors are arms/fury..the palidans are low on +heal and exp..

Having said for my post in guild forums for a core 25 man team..I am tired of waiting for people to commit to raiding (not kara) and watching other get frustrated..all the while ..I want to raid..if we dont do gruul friday there will be heck to pay!!!

Raydz said...

I would love to see something like that!