Monday, October 15, 2007

Smelly Hookers

This weekend I really did not get much accomplished. Friday night I hopped into a guild Kara run for Curator which I was hoping either the plate pants or tier 4 gloves would drop off him but neither did. As far as Kara loot goes, I really only need items from Curator or Nightbane with a few dps “wish lists” from random bosses. I will still gladly tank Kara for any group that needs me but besides those bosses if another tank needs a spot he is more than welcome to it. While I still do enjoy Kara I am really looking forward to the new 10 man instance coming out for the new encounters and graphics (I’m a graphics whore). Also in guild news they tried Gruul on Sunday. I believe they came closer than they ever have by implementing more ranged dps, but just couldnt quite get him down. I had some family stuff to do on Sunday so I missed out , but hopefully I can get a spot tonight if we go.

My quest to raise the 2v2 arena team is going alright. When Dirty (resto druid) and I first got on this team the rating was 1340’ish, we have raised it now to 1540. It would be a little bit higher but the other 2 people on this team had a ruff go over the weekend. Tonight if 5v5’s or Gruuls doesn’t happen I think me and Dirty are hoping to take the team up to 1600. 1540 is the highest I have ever had an arena team rank, sad but true.

Speaking of 5v5’s the previous team I was on “Jackson Five” was never able to get on at the same time and we missed two weeks in a row. That’s a lot of arena points missed out on so yesterday I bought a new 5v5 team and am hoping to get a couple of good guys together tonight and see how we do. Lined up so far I have myself (Arms Warrior – for pvp), Dirty (Resto Druid), Lumanati(Holy Priest), Ilna(affliction Lock), and I’m looking for one more hard core dps guy. I’m almost worried we are a little heavy on the healing, but both healers have good gear so I think the plan is to outlast the team. Wish me and my fellow “Smelly Hookers” luck!

Weekend Repair Bill:14g

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