Tuesday, October 16, 2007

*soup nazi's voice* NO GRUUL FOR YOU

Arrrggg I’m getting really tired of my internet making me look like a schmuck on wheels. Last night the guild went for another Gruul attempt. Fight starts, BAM – disconnect, reconnect – take two swings – disconnect, and that’s how that went the whole fight. They got Gruul down to 4% then wiped, I am arms spec so I know if my internet hadn’t spewed ass all over my gaming experience I probably could have come close to making up that difference. Having such a crappy connection I gave up my dps spot to someone else in the guild. Even though I think 4% was the best attempt they had last night. To my guildies; I am very sorry about the connection problems, I promise I am trying to get these issues resolved. Until they are though I may have to just sit out on the 25 man content, and that’s really going to suck.

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